Sunday, March 29, 2009

The first one

I'm not sure how to go about this. I feel in my soul that I should begin with writting a blog. Will anyone see it? Will anyone care? I have no idea. But it is my hope to use this blog as a journal that I hope will help others to see things differently and maybe question themselves more than they would of others. It will be a way of looking inward and not out. Thinking outside the situation and not within. This will be a spiritual jounal if you need to know but it will be one that I will use to question myself more than others. Since that is where the journey leads me. I keep looking for solutions to problems and always seeing problems outside myself when in reality the problems I have are usually within me and not because of someone else. The world is very broken and always has been. I cannot change the world nor fix it. I can change myself and with grace fix myself. God is my source of energy and what keeps me moving through each day. He speaks to me in different ways and through different people trying to get his word through to me. So this blog is going to try and share what it is I see and hear God showing me.

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